Our Programs

Philosophy & Curriculum (Ages 3-5 years)

Kids Club Preschool respects all children as unique individuals who learn in a variety of ways. We recognize that children come from various cultural backgrounds and home environments, possess different strengths and weakness, and have feelings and ideas. Our classroom teachers go above and beyond to really get to know the “Whole Child” to prepare him/her for success in the classroom. Treating children as valued competent individuals and providing an environment that meets physical and emotional needs allows children to feel safe and form secure adult attachments.

Early experiences have a strong influence on a child’s development and learning. To best support and stimulate our young learners, all classroom curriculums are based on The Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards (RIELDS).  The standards are organized into the following 9 subgroups: Physical Health and Motor Development, Social and Emotional Development, Language Development, Literacy, Cognitive Development, Science, and Social Studies. RIELDS are also appropriate for duel language learners and children with disabilities.

Kids Club Preschool teachers use the RIELDS as a framework to develop comprehensive, age appropriate curriculum and supportive classroom environments. We believe ALL areas of development are important! In addition to participating in rich academic activities, children practice communication and problem solving skills while interacting with peers and teachers. Children develop their confidence working on self-help tasks, developing fine motor skills, experimenting with manipulatives and sensory materials, celebrating creativity, and exploring endless open-ended play opportunities. Classroom teacher’s track acquired skills using classwork, photos, and written observations. This information is then organized into digital student portfolios that follow the children throughout their preschool career at Kids Club.

School Age Programs

We are committed to providing a safe and unique “club” for school age children to spend their time.

• Before & After School Program with Transportation to Johnston, Cranston and Scituate Public Schools.
• Full Day and Part Time Programs during all school vacations with structured planned activities and field trips.
• One on One homework help offered daily to each child by our well qualified staff.
• Nutritious Snacks and Drinks provided daily.
• Planned Activities to keep children physically active and engaged.
• Customized Care Offered based on your schedule. (Anywhere from 1-5 days, mornings/afternoons).
• Extra Activities Offered throughout the year. (Dance Classes, Karate, Ceramics, Cooking etc. )

Our morning routine includes getting the children motivated for a successful school day. In the afternoon, one on one homework help is offered daily to each child by our well-qualified staff. A nutritious snack will be provided every day. Afternoon activities are planned each day to keep the children physically active and engaged.

Summer Camp

Kids Club Summer Camp is a place for exploring, discovering, making new friends and learning new skills. It all starts with our outstanding counselors, whose talent, creativity and leadership set the tone for a great experience. Every summer, our counselors and specialists are doing what they enjoy most: inspiring young children to explore, reach for new heights, and expand their horizons. Summer reading program is available each day in our library. Each summer, we plan a full curriculum which includes weekly themes, a variety of local field trips and lots of on site excitement both indoors and outdoors! The children will make memories and friends that will last a lifetime!


Before/After School Care & Summer Camp
1.) Do your provide transportation?
Yes. We provide transportation to most of the local schools in Cranston, Johnston and Scituate.

2.) What time do you open/close?
We open at 7:30am. We close at 6:00pm.

3.) Do we have to attend 5 days each week?
No. We offer a variety of options between 1-5 days Part time program, Before school only, After school only. Etc.

4.) Where are you located?
We are located at 1 Starline Way. On the corner of Plainfield Pike and Starline Way. On the second floor. Entrance is to the rear left of the building.

5.) Are activities planned for vacation weeks and summer?
Yes. Our program is structured according to the interests of the children. Activities include dance, karate, cooking, science, outdoor water play etc.

6.) How do I register my child?
You can enroll at any time during the year. Call us anytime for to come in for a tour of our facility. (401) 443-5336, You can also email us at

7.) Can I bring my child in for open play?
There will be open play dates coming soon!